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My work is deeply influenced by the cultural, philosophical, and spiritual ideas I have encountered in my upbringing. Growing up surrounded by duality: East/West, Buddhist/ Christian shaped my interest in exploring the complexities of identity, memory, and the passage of time. 

My fascination with the ability of light and shadow to reveal, distort, and re-create has always been a driving force in my aesthetics. I embrace a multidisciplinary approach in my art practice that includes drawing, painting, installation, and video. I am interested in using time as both a process and a material in my art-making. I often incorporate materials collected over time, such as ashes, carbon build-up, and eggshells. These are accumulated through ceremonial rituals, daily consumption, and collaboration with the local community. Through the use of humble materials and a focus on process, I seek to materialize the ephemeral quality of time and explore life's fleeting and impermanent nature. 

(Clicking the individual images below will take you to the body of works and more information.)

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