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As a third culture individual growing up surrounded by dualities—East/West, Buddhist/Christian—I became deeply interested in exploring the complexities of identity, memory, and the transient nature of time. I address these themes through abstract, minimalistic, and conceptual works that span drawing, painting, installation, and video.

During my formative years as an artist, I often used light and shadows to create illusions, adding mystery and narrative to two-dimensional spaces. Today, my fascination with light's ability to reveal, distort, and re-create continues to drive my aesthetic explorations of space. I integrate traditional Chinese rituals into contemporary art practices, delving into cultural heritage, spirituality, and material exploration. The materials I use—ashes, carbon, and eggshells—echo themes of temporality and transformation. These elements, symbolic of life’s ephemeral qualities, are meticulously collected through daily rituals and collaborative engagements. 

I am particularly interested in using time as both a process and a material in my art-making. By materializing time and capturing the unseen, my work constructs a bridge between the tangible and ethereal, inviting meditation on the temporal and timeless aspects of our existence. I aim to create work that challenges the relentless pace of contemporary life, carving out a space for contemplation and introspection. I invite viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the delicate balance between loss and renewal, engaging with the cycles of life that challenge the notion of time as linear.

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