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Joyce Vaughn 

PR/ Marketing

As the first African American female Innovation Hub Director for DEFENSEWERX, Joyce Vaughn is a trailblazer challenging expectations. Beginning in events and marketing, she now leads the MGMWERX innovation hub collaborating with the United States Air Force (USAF) entities on events like the Space Case Challenge and the Agile Combat Employment Materials Handling Equipment project. 


Formerly Baptist Health’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Joyce led freelancers to elevate the brand through digital campaigns. At Auburn Montgomery, she was the Outreach Marketing & CRM Coordinator and co-organized the Social Media Conference from the ground up. 


Now Joyce is the founder and CEO of her new venture where she applies her cross-industry knowledge to clients' projects and events. Her unrivaled drive takes ideas and delivers productions and products, integrating her dreamer’s mind and implementer’s eye. Joyce has managed million-dollar initiatives across non-profit, healthcare, military and education, including the high-profile Smart Community Coding Sprint that earned participants awards from the USAF. 


Featured in "40 Under 40", Joyce lives in Montgomery, actively assisting entrepreneurs and tech leaders. She engages in community efforts like the Five Points Cultural Commission to progress a local neighborhood. 


Throughout her career, Joyce has demonstrated strong leadership, marketing prowess, public relations skills, and creativity. She continues to dream big and partner with organizations and individuals wanting to make a statement.

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